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"Buccaneers, Ballads & Bellyflops" CD - $15

Thank you for your interest in buying my second CD of all-original music!
Jambo Joe Bones - Buccaneers, Ballads & Bellyflops CD Your pre-sale purchase of my upcoming CD, "Buccaneers, Ballads & Bellyflops" will help me fund the rest of the project... helping cover studio costs, pay guest musicians, and get the CD finished and out the door. And of course, you'll get the CD delivered *to your door* as soon as it's done (available now! ). Thank you in advance for
your support!

CD Info
Buccaneeers, Ballads & Bellyflops

Track listing:
01. Air Sunshine
02. Mermaids Are Real
03. Margarita Bomb
04. On A Scale Of One To Dumbass
05. Slow Down
06. Dairy Air
07. More You and Me
08. The Plane Left Without Me
09. Beer Can Island
10. In The End
11. Living Like A Pirate (bonus track)

Guest Musicians:
Amy M (lead & background vocals), Dave Burkart (lead guitar), Dan "Hazer" Monaghan (lead guitar), Chris Hornisch (bass), Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton (accordion), Damon "Harpoon" Holter (harmonica)

I'm using Paypal as the payment method. You can either use your Paypal account to pay (if you have one) or choose to pay with a major credit card... your choice. You also have the option to buy multiple copies.

Delivery or Pick-up?
Let me know in the "instructions to seller" area if you have any specific instructions. You can also email me directly at joe@jamboacousticmusic.com.

When will the CD be available?
It's available now!

Again... thank you for your purchase and for supporting me and my music. Hope you enjoy the songs!


$15 (also covers shipping)

Paypal, major credit cards accepted!

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